GNG Transitions: 2.22.2018

Hello Friends, neighbors and community, 


The times they are a changin' (dylan). Our lives go through transitions, as do our communities - just like the changing seasons. 


For GNG, we are now transitioning too. Many times we have called what we are doing an experiment. We have been in a variety of ways, sort of like a laboratory. I read an article recently that said: 

"Laboratories are environments where creative people from different backgrounds work together to solve shared problems. The basic idea is that innovation is born out of unexpected encounters." Paas


In many ways that is what we have been doing, yet - its something we could do so much more. We set out to be the church differently than what has been understood as church, because our society has changed drastically over the past 30 years. Certainly we have had some wonderful innovation with unexpected encounters - and we hope to continue in that way as we encourage, equip and empower each other to be the church where we live, work and play. 


We have been unashamed to call ourselves the church, even though we don't have a worship service every week, or do things that resemble what is typically understood as "church." 


That being said, I wanted to share some of the upcoming rhythms as we shift, re-imagine, and become further immersed in the places we live, work and play. 


1. Upcoming weekly neighborhood meal on the deck (until Kas baby #2 comes). 

Once April comes around we will be hosting a weekly neighborhood meal on the deck. A meal to share high/lows and know each other and be known. This will be a seasonal rhythm in our neighborhood, and at least will go on until baby # 2 comes. We hope this brings about more close, vital relationships with those who are near, and always open for those not in the hood' as well.


2. Monthly Theology on Tap:

This has always been something that has been a wonderful time to listen to a pressing social topic, share a few brews/ciders, and hear the variety of perspectives, and if you want to bring theology into it, anyone is always free to! So, this will follow a similar structure that we have had, with an even wider variety of topics. Perhaps we'll see a live debate on guns, or perhaps we could have some inter-faith dialogue to hear from an imam, rabbi, or other religious teachers, or take on topics like What is the bible? Is it myth, facts, or just old stories? How reliable is it anyway? 

Stay tuned for a full schedule over the next several months! I have porter and hard cider ready now. :) 


3. Monthly Worship Night: 

We started out inviting whoever wanted to into our home every Sunday night, something that we called Family Worship Gathering. People came from a variety of churches, neighborhoods, communities etc. It was a good season, and we are so thankful for the connections we made. As we transitioned to every other Sunday morning others started coming, and a few no longer came as they continued in the churches they were a part of. 


We aren't too sure what this monthly night might look like yet. It might look different from month to month depending on:

- what God is teaching us

- how we might need restoration or healing, 

- a time to tell stories of what God has been doing, 

- or how we can further covenant together in the fullness of each person's personality or calling.


Pending a few things, ultimately we hope it is a time to share in powerful worship and a gathering in which to bring our full selves to the Triune God (stay tuned on when this is scheduled). 



So, I'm not sure what season each of you are in - whether you are preparing for a season without sleep, already are in one, are going through loss, or you are ready for something brand new. No matter where you are at,  we hope Jesus is meets you where you are in the ways that only God can, and maybe just maybe, it may be in part with us as GNG - Good News Gatherings, whether it is a part of the above 1 thru 3, or other ways we are able to live together in a world falling apart. 


Blessings to you all with love, a heavy heart, and a heightened expectation with the coming of the Spring season,



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