GNG Weekly: September 9th

Dear GNG Church & Friends,

Sorry this email got out so late! I have been in Mississauga, Ontario Canada for the weekend doing a bit of work for my job with Safe Church Ministry – it has been busier than I thought!


I am heading back now – and hope you all will be able to join us to worship at 10am Sunday for our Convergence Worship Gathering @ The Piano Cottage. We will be communing with God at His table and will be focusing again on the theme of God’s presence.


Last week we focused a bit on Genesis 15 when God made a covenant with Abram – we noted that while we often are asleep, tired, and reeling in life God comes and makes his love known to us. He calls us and promises that he will continue to care and that he even did so much so that God came down as one of us to give us his abundant rest through the cross and the sending of the presence of the Spirit.


Now we will be asking and interacting with the next questions – 

What does it mean for the Spirit to dwell among us – or in us? 

How is God dwelling in us and our neighborhoods? 

How should we respond?



We hope you can join us to share God moving among us and that you also will offer your gifts and presence as well.

Next Sunday, September 17th: We will not be meeting as a “broader missional Community” but Sunday evening - Colin and Allie will be sharing a community meal with our Mulick Park Neighborhood at their house. You are welcome to come as well!


Please plan on 10am for CWG September 24th @ TPC.


Pastor Eric