GNG Weekly: Sept. 24th An Alert to the Reign of King Jesus.


Dear Friends and community of GNG,

I just drove back from Philadelphia (it was a fantastic trip!), however as I drove today and the sun came up - I was amazed to feel heat on this Fall Day. I just glanced at the forecast - high of  unbelievable. We can expect our weather scales to surprise us from time to time. We can also expect God to show up in some surprising ways as well.  

As you catch some rays and shades today I hope you are able to see God's kingdom amid the everyday life; whether it be in the scorching struggles, or in the times of cool calm content. May you see the reign of our King Jesus unfurl all around you.  

One way I will be able to do this today is through seeing the beauty of a wedding of some incredible friends: Jesse and Christina. I am so looking forward to celebrating their covenant with each other today. I know well that the Jesus will be blessing them as well - even through some surprising ways well into the future.  :) 

Convergence Worship:

We hope you will gather with us as we form a spiritual temple, each one of us bearers of the presence of God, tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am at TPC. We will be spending time together in the triune God as we encourage, equip and empower each other to be the church where we live, work and play. Specifically, I will be sharing a few bits that God taught me through past week while I attended The Praxis Gathering in Philly. And Don will be leading us in prayer and worship, looking forward to that as well.


I've been mentioning that a schedule will be forthcoming, well here it is: 

Oct. 1: Artprize visit? 

Oct 4th - 7th (Wed - Saturday): CCDA National Conference (A small group of us will be attending this together, pray for us!)

Oct. 8th: 10am CWG - Convergence Worship Gathering, testimonies from the conference - and in the afternoon Birthday party of Augie!

Oct. 15th: 6pm Hoog's Community Dinner

Oct. 26th: 7pm TOT - Theology on Tap: Hallowed Artwork Edition

Oct. 29th: 10am CWG - Convergence Worship Gathering


Hope to see you tomorrow, 


Pastor Eric