GNG Weekly August 27th: Convergence Worship Gathering Focus - The Presence of the Lord.

Dear GNG Church & Friends,

I hope you are all able to take a time to enjoy the present. To breath in change and maintain a rooted peacefulness - especially as it appears the season may be starting to take a turn from what has been glorious summer weather to a warm and crisp autumn. 

Here also is an invitation, we would love for you and all your friends to join us this Sunday, August 27th, as we gather at 10am at The Piano Cottage

One quick detail here: Don't park in Andrea's Pizza Parking lot! Please park in the bigger empty lot on the west side (closer to our house).

Bring all of your experience of pain, suffering, joy and celebration to the table of the Lord Jesus. Our primary focus will be on what it means for each person called as the church to be hosts to God's presence. 

Invite a friend, and let us know you'll be there by going to the facebook event.

Please book the future Sundays in September that we will gather in the mornings: Sept, 10th, Sept. 24th.


     Pastor Eric Kas