Dear GNG Church & Friends,

Below you will find the GNG weekly - with a big picture first, then expanded a bit below. 


  • 6pm (YES 6) - Potluck Dinner Tomorrow Sunday night 7.29.17 at House de Kas'
    • We will put some brats and chicken on the grill. 
    • Please bring something to pass and let us know you can make it via this link
  • Next Week Sunday 7PM (time subject to change, perhaps a bit earlier) - Missional Community Worship @ TPC: The Piano Cottage
  • August 10th, 7PM Thursday TOT: Theology on Tap Pain Edition: Exploring Pain, Science, and Perception.
  • Meditation this Week - Shortcuts and Building Something That Lasts (Snippet below with this brief message also being shared over food tomorrow)


- It is the last day of the Ragbrai - Continue to pray for Elias, Don and + Bob (Tara's dad) as they complete biking this last 44 miles across Iowa.

- Allie and Colin have set sail for a week on their boat. Praying they continue to have great weather and they continue to learn well together all the tricks to life on a boat. 

- Those we know who are experiencing physical or emotional hardship. Consider inviting them to something, or stop by to give a listening ear, or bring them a meal!


  • August 6th: 7pm (time subject to change, perhaps a bit earlier): Missional Community Worship @ TPC: The Piano Cottage
  • August 10th, 7pm: TOT: (Tentatively Planned) Theology on Tap: Pain
  • August 20th: Missional Community Worship @ TPC: The Piano Cottage
  • September 3rd 10am - Missional Community Worship: @ TPC: The Piano Cottage
  • September 17th 10am - Missional Community Worship: @ TPC: The Piano Cottage



We all love a nice shortcut. I think I get more gratification than most when I find them - and I don't think this is a good thing. In fact, I am finding God is continuously telling me: "whoa, whoa whoa. Eric, just breathe. Take a moment and know that I am God - let me keep the pace."

Many of you know I've been working on a deck. In fact, many of you have helped me form the foundation. I am trying to do everything possible - so that this deck will last for the next 50 years. Ambitious, yes, but this means the footings have to be the best they possibly can be. I decided to dig 8 footings, each 4 feet down. Yes, 48 inches. After spending about 20 hours digging the first three (with some help from a few) - it was apparent it would take a looong time, especially because of the incredibly hard clay. A few nights ago I had a brilliant idea - I need to rent a power auger! This would certainly save me plenty of time. So I went to one of the few places in town that had one - and rented a 1-man power auger (pictured below). 


The older, stern man who rented it to me, who I'll call Bill, warned me about its effectiveness in clay. Bill also had long moments of expressionless silence, as if to strongly warn me about renting this machine. I thought to myself, if it can save me time, its worth it. So - even with this wiser man's doubts I still rented it. 

I brought it back to the house, got it all rigged up, and started to drill into the earth. After 10 minutes of wrestling this thing into the ground - it barely lifted up any dirt. Ashamed I realized if I kept using it, I would be wasting even more time. I had to bring it back. The shortcut wasn't worth it. 

I brought it back in the store and at the same time another young man was renting the same tool... I shamefully held it and waited to make eye contact with Bill and said, "you were right. Is there any way I can return it?" Bill did his signature action as he acted annoyed and stared into space. Eventually he said, "I warned you, didn't I?"

I was full of shame, but eventually I went back to digging the old fashioned way. There is something about this that relates to the kingdom of God. God's kingdom doesn't just appear with the latest and greatest technology. God's kingdom is build on the old, old true, and faithful promises. They are steadfast and enduring. They have stood the tests of time. We as Christ's church have been waiting here in this fallen world, but the Spirit continues to sustain and we have a firm foundation. The church is built on the cornerstone of Jesus - who tented himself with us here first, and laid the groundwork to build his great and true temple forever - that being his church, each person a living stone being built into the spiritual house (1 Peter 2). We can rest assured that Jesus will come back, but in the mean time - we as God's church - must continue doing the slow faithful work of building on His foundation. 

Join us tomorrow as we share a meal together and encourage, equip and empower each other to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of him where we live, work and play. 


Blessings in Christ, 

Pastor Eric