GNG Weekly: FWG 6.4.17: Pentecost Sunday - Celebrating the Coming of the Spirit.

GNG church, 


It has been a while since we have gathered! So looking forward to seeing you, we hope you can make it Sunday night at 7pm at our home. I am currently in Lincoln, Nebraska at a church planting conference, but will be home Saturday night. Below are just a few announcements:


1. Rec. League Sign-up Ends Today!!

Rec. League runs just for the month of June! 4 Sundays at 2:30pm. Sign up here:


2. FWG 6.4.17: Pentecost Sunday - Celebrating the Coming of the Spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you all again after Memorial Day Weekend! We look forward to coming together again through trusted relationship, formative worship and hearing how the Spirit is moving in where we as the church live, work and play. We will specifically be doing this as we celebrate what the church calendar has labeled Pentecost - 50 days after Passover and when the Spirit came to Jesus followers, 50 days after Easter.


Please give us a heads up if you whether you can or can't make it out via this quick RSVP



3. June 18th: 6:00 PM: Parish Convergence Worship Night!

Please plan on our first ever Parrish Convergence Worship Night. The Parrishes Converge to worship our Triune God @ Mulick Park Neighborhood Parish + Lappinga Parrish Monastery + Ultimate Frisbee Parrish + Gold Ave. CRC Parrish + Who knows who else! Bring your own chair + we'll throw some food on some grills after worship and spend some time with food + community. 


Blessings in Christ & happy summer beginnings. :)

Pastor Eric