GNG Weekly Email: Memorial Day Weekend Off: be the Church where you are

GNG church, 


I hope you are doing well here mid-week - we're just about half way through!!


I have some key announcements here for the coming week!




I have a special message for those who are ready to commit to an incredible conference in Detroit, MI. I have been able to find some incredibly low priced admission to the CCDA National Conference on Oct. 4th - 7th via World Renew - an organization that operates in the same building I work at. The early bird pricing is at $169, vs $319.00 or more that people will be paying (like I did two years ago at about $350). 


Please email me as soon as possible if you can come. I do believe Elias will be coming, along with a few others in the neighborhood - and a few others that are a part of GNG are still deliberating. 


This will be so good for us to continue to learn what it means for us to be the church in our neighborhood together. Here is a link to learn more about CCDA and their philosophy. To get a musical taste of what this organization is all about listen to Switchfoot's song "The Sound" inspired by John Perkins (the founder). 


2. TOMORROW - Join us for a Mulick Park Neighborhood Kickball Game!

We'll be meeting up tomorrow at 6:00pm at Mulick Park, then splitting up teams at 6:15. All ages are welcome, and I do think we'll have a decent number of neighbors present! It was also posted at


3. No FWG this coming Sunday night due to a high number of out-of-towners.

We hope you are able to be the church where you are, worshiping even in the mundane & celebrating life amid the wonders of the triune God in His revelation of the scriptures and in the everyday stuff. We look forward to worshiping with you all next week at the Kas household for Family Worship Gathering @ 7pm. 


4. Sign up for Sunday 2:30pm Rec. League!!! 

PJ mentioned he will be putting together a team, I went ahead and made the team: GNG/PJ's Team for now which you can sign up to be on - we'll think of a more suitable name in the future! Would love to have many of you play, it doesn't matter how much you've played in the past for this league!!! Sign up here:


5. June 11th: 6:00 PM: Parish Convergence Worship Night!

Please plan on our first ever Parrish Convergence Worship Night. The Parrishes Converge to worship our Triune God @ Mulick Park Neighborhood Parish + Lappinga Parrish Monastery + Ultimate Frisbee Parrish + Gold Ave. CRC Parrish + Who knows who else! Bring your own chair + we'll throw some food on some grills after worship and spend some time with food + community. 



Blessings in Christ, 

Pastor Eric