GNG Weekly: FWG 6.24.17 & RideGR Report

GNG Friends & Family, 


I hope this finds you well! Many things going on in many places - we hope you have been able to celebrate life in your neighborhoods, work and places of play & through your families of origin as well. 

FWG Tomorrow 7pm @ Yoli's House!!

Tomorrow's Family Worship Gathering will be at Yoli's house! Find the address and let us know you are coming by clicking on this link to RSVP

We will be discussing the habit of blessing. How do we live questionable lives through blessing others? What does it mean to be a blessing? How often should we bless? How would the world want to be blessed? 


Elias and I just went on a neat city-wide prayer/ bike ride called It was incredible to ride with a variety of others involved in new expressions of church throughout Grand Rapids - and people who are a part of older church expressions hoping to catalyze new awakenings. We stopped by our house and shared our hope, vision and how God has been moving in our many parishes. We hope more of our community are able to join us next year!


Here is a picture of providence during RideGR: just when someone got a flat tire - another biker named Bill came along with a spare tube & pump! Bill will also be riding in the annual RagBrai that both Elias and Don will be riding in at the end of July - it will lead them across the whole state of Iowa! 




FUTURE Schedule:

July 2nd: No FWG - due to the variety of things on 4th of July weekend. 

July 9th: FWG - Readying ourselves for Backpacking!!

July 14th - 16th - MANISTEE BACKPACKING TRIP!!! 

GOING: Colin, Allie, Craig, Yoli, Hannah, Elias, Eric, Tamara, 

Are you still UNSURE? We really hope you can come. Get off work, cancel your other plans, this is going to be good!!!

July 16th - no FWG. 

August 10th: TOT: (Tentatively Planned) Theology on Tap: Pain



     Pastor Eric