FWG: 5.14.17 Spirit's Coming & Community Formation pt. 2

GNG church, 


We hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! 


We hope you can join us for Family Worship Gathering (FWG) this Sunday  to share in formative worship, trusted relationships, and hear about what God is doing in the parishes we are a part of - and to celebrate our mothers!


Please give us a heads up if you whether you can or can't make it out via this quick RSVP


Theme of FWG: Eastertide and the Spirit's Coming & Community Formation

For this coming Sunday we will again be looking closer at how the called out ones in Jerusalem were shared community in Acts 2. We hope we are able to continue to build each other up as we go forward in this world of both light and darkness. 


Dates to Plan for: 

Thursday, May 25th: 6:00pm - Mulick Park Neighborhood Kickball!

Thursday, June 8th: 7:00pm  - Theology on Tap: Going Local in a Global World. 

Sunday, June 11th: 6:00pm   - Parish Convergence Worship (after Rec. League) @ Mulick Park June 11th.

July 14th - 16th.                  - Backpacking the Manistee River Trail.

October 4th - 7th.                - CCDA National Conference



     Pastor Eric