FWG: 4.23.17 Eastertide and Listening in our Neighborhoods

Greetings GNG family and friends, 


I hope you are all doing well as we live in the celebration of Easter-tide - a time that the church actively remembers Jesus' resurrection power and the coming power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It was especially sweet to share the baptism of our son Augie with many of you Saturdayand to share in the sacrament of Lord's Supper after hearing PJ's profession of faith on Sunday. 


Theme of FWG Sunday at 7pm: Eastertide and Multi-Dimensional Listening:

For this coming Sunday we will be doing a listening walk through the neighborhood. It will be about 60ish degrees, bring your walking shoes. Below are the details:


This season of after Easter, or "Eastertide," is all about living in an in-between time. The 11 disciples experienced a time in which they knew Jesus defeated death - but had to wait for the Holy Spirit to come to them.


We as Christ's church still live in an in-between time. We live in the power of the resurrection of Jesus through the Holy Spirit - yet, we continue to live in an age of darkness and continue to wait for Jesus to come back to make all things new. 


This coming Sunday - as we are existing in this in-between time - we will continue to share in trusted relationship, formative worship and conversation of what God is doing in our midst. Part of that will happen through an exercise of walking through our neighborhood in groups for the purpose of listening from the following multiple dimensions:     

    - Listening from above (up)... what is God saying through his Word? 

    - Listening from amoung (in)... what are are those who we share with in worship saying about their callings, gifts, and longings?

    - Listening from our neighborhoods (out)... What are longings and hopes of those who live next door?

    - Listening from our local history (out)... How has our city and neighborhood developed? Who has the power? And who has been discouraged and held captive?

    - Listening from within (in & up)... What is the Holy Spirit calling us uniquely to do?


Dates to Plan for: 

Backpacking the Manistee River TrailGNG Calendar July 14th - 16th.

CCDA National Conference: October 4th - 7th. 



     Eric Kas