FWG: Hometown Crowds

Dear GNG friends, partakers and collaborators, 

We are already nearing the second Sunday of Lent! I pray that the discipline you have chosen for this season is going well. :)

FWG 7pm Sunday @ 1800 Boston St. 

We hope many of you will be able to join us for another weekly Family Worship Gathering to share in formative worship, trusted community and to encourage each other to be faithfully present in the places we live, work and play.


What Is In Store For FWG?

Glad you asked! 

Before I share the things we will experience this week, here is a quick recap of last week: 

We looked more into why we are doing what we are doing, and how we are doing it. This was coordinated with why Luke wrote what he wrote in the first two chapters of his gospel: Luke was writing an additional organized account of the things that were fulfilled among them - specifically through 9 people who were significant characters involved in the fulfillment. 
Today our community, each of us, are still supporting characters in this fulfillment. So, one exercise we did is to simply celebrate that we are sharing life together day to day, not just once a week in a worship service. Whether we are playing ultimate frisbee together, living in the same house or 5 houses down from one another, or seeing each other at Little Caesers we are characters who are weaving our lives together. 

That being said, we will be looking into Luke 4:14 - 30. This was the beginning of Jesus' ministry and it was here that another fulfillment took place. Jesus said to his hometown crowd that the scripture in Isaiah was fulfilled. Shortly after that they wanted to take this person they had known for 30 years - and throw him off the cliff.

As we look into this scripture we will also be sharing in an exercise that will involve sharing a bit more about our own hometown crowds. No one will be forced to share, but we hope this will be an opportunity to further encourage and equip each other as we seek to be disciples of Jesus. 

We really hope you can make it! Give us a heads up whether you can or can't come by filling out this RSVP.


In, Up and Out Video by Mike Breen:

Being and making disciples of Jesus can be seen as balancing three different focuses summarized by the upward, inward and outward postures. You can hear more about this by this short 2ish minute video by Mike Breen, a U.K. based innovator of missional church expressions. I know the video seems like it is from the 90's, but its the only quick video I could find!