GNG Weekly: 10.8.17 - CCDA and 1 Year Birthday of Augs!

Dear community committed to living out our hope of being the church together where we live, work and play.


I hope you'll all be joining us Sunday for worship of the living God at 10am Sunday morning at The Piano Cottage. 


Friday was the Augie's one year birthday! Thanks so much for sharing in the life and raising of this little kiddo with us. It has been a great joy amid the stress and the highs and lows. Come celebrate Sunday at our house at 2pm

I am sending this email from Detroit at the National Conference of Christian Community Development Association. 



Elias, Tara and I (and several others) have been hearing from resilient people who are determined and committed to loving their neighbors in the name of Jesus through the thick and the thin. And Shane Claiborne is right next to me setting up his workshop - his community has a donation for guns, the first donation was an ak-47, the previous owner said, I don't really think I need this. It was melted down into a pitchfork - check out Isaiah 2.

Here are some quotes:

Three options faced the Dutch around WW2: Collaborate, Resist, Hide. We face the same options today. We must choose all three. Sister Simone Campbell

The longer you go without joy, the more resilience you lose. 
To your brain, joy means one thing: someone is glad to be with me. Jesus is glad to be with us. Dr. Jim Wilder

Love. No matter where I start, I always end up here. Dr. John Perkins


Oct. 8th: 10am CWG - Convergence Worship Gathering, testimonies from the conference - and in the afternoon Birthday party of Augie!

Oct. 15th: 6pm Hoog's Community Dinner

Oct. 26th: 7pm TOT - Theology on Tap: Hallowed Artwork Edition

Oct. 29th: 10am CWG - Convergence Worship Gathering