GNG Weekly: Oct. 22 On Seeing and Being

Dear GNG Community and Friends, 


I hope you are able to see the beauty of this day and breathe deep the breath of God who's goodness is apparent in the places we call our homes. 


On Sunday morning at 10am (@ The Piano Cottage) we will be communing with God with a focus on seeing and being. Sight and how it relates to identity is an important theme throughout God's story. How do you see the world? How do you see God? How do you see yourself? 


Our society is full of different slants, perspectives, presuppositions and narratives. A few weeks ago our emphasis was on knowing your story. I shared a short picture of a chick hatching with ducklings and when the team of them jumped into a pond the chick's instincts told it that something was quite wrong, realizing, "this isn't me!" Uncovering our narratives in our society is important to understanding we are as children of God. 


We will continue this theme Sunday morning as we dive into how to see our stories through looking deeper at Moses' struggle after the Israelites made an image/idol of God through the Golden Calf. At the begging of Moses, God showed up and Moses' saw the incredible goodness of the God-King pass before him (Ex. 33). 


Join us at 10am!!


Art on Tap Thursday 7pm @ Kas House:

Don't forget we'll also be hosting our Hallowed Art on Tap at our house Thursday! Write it in your calender, invite a friend, tell us you are coming on the Facebook event!

Next GNG Worship: November 5th 10am

Blessings in our King Jesus who continues to give us sight and being, through powerful grace, 

Pastor Eric

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